Every company is a media company because every company publishes to its customers, its staff, its neighbors, its communities.

When Tom Foremski started writing about EC=MC in 2006, it opened the eyes of many in the business world.

When every company is a media company this changes more than just a company's PR/communications department -- it changes nearly every aspect of an organization.

- It changes how you recruit staff, using your own social networks.

- It changes how you provide customer support.

- It changes how you market/advertise your products and services.

- It changes how you develop products and services.

- It changes your IT infrastructure, what type of computers and software you need.

- It changes entire business processes and how they are executed.

- It changes a company's internal skills set and what types of people it needs to employ or train.

- It changes how you measure progress.

- It changes management and how it runs the company.

- It changes internal team organization.

- It unlocks a massive amount of internal and external resources.

Every company is affected...

Every Company is a Media Company (EC=MC) is the most important business transformation of our times because every company is affected.

It is also a massive business opportunity for so many businesses.

Every company is a media company becomes the point of the spear for new business for many companies across many sectors.

- Companies need help in mastering the best practices of being a media company.

- Management needs help in implementing the new business processes and in measuring progress.

- Companies will need new IT equipment, new software, new types of services, and more...

There will be opportunities for vendors of all types, armies of consultants, experts of all stripes, media professionals, teachers, authors...

Everyone is part of this transformation...

Everyone is a potential evangelist for this groundbreaking transformation. Whether as a company insider trying to push through essential changes; or a vendor of products and services; a public relation company working with clients; or management consultants helping companies reorganize specific aspects of their operations...

The job is a huge one and it's going to involve many people.

It will lead to tremendous disruption...

Not every company is going to make it. We are dealing with disruptive technologies...and they key thing about disruptive technologies is that they disrupt.

Even if a company sees the trends, sees the disruption ahead -- there is no guarantee it can avoid the train wreck.

Look at the tremendous amount of disruption that the personal computer created. It was dismissed as a toy yet hundreds of computer companies went out of business. IBM barely survived — it had to remake itself into a computer services company.

The same will happen to many companies -- they won't be able to change, or adapt in time.

Beyond social media...

Every company is a media company moves beyond the current focus on social media. Social media is just one aspect of a company's media strategy.

Social media is not enough, companies have to focus on their entire media strategy, it becomes integral to their core business strategy.

Leadership is vital...

But to achieve a successful business transformation, this has to be a message that is understood at the very top of a company's leadership. And then it has to be understood by the rank and file.

That's what this web site will attempt to do -- to give the senior leadership, and the rank-and-file of an organization, the tools and the understanding about what's going on -- and the roadmaps for achieving transformation and success.

You have to be involved...

The challenge for a company's leadership is that many of these media trends cannot be fully understood unless you are immersed within them.

You can't 'get it' unless you are in it.

Clearly, that's difficult because senior executives have so many duties, they have to achieve an understanding of EC=MC and have the right staff to help in the transformation.

A key objective of this site will be to convince senior executives that there really is a major business transformation taking place, through examples and other information.

The second objective is to:

- Provide roadmaps and checklists so that senior management know what needs to be done.

- What types of people/skills are needed in-house.

- What can be contracted out.

- What to look for, the metrics that track progress, and what success looks like.

Every company is a media company ... but every company is in a different industry sector, different geography, a different culture.

There are some aspects of this transformation that apply to all but there is so much more that is very specific.